WTS/WTT WA RCBS, Lee and some other reloading stuff

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by Espire, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. Espire

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    Most of these items are backups or items I no longer have a use for.

    Lee Precision Safety Scale (New) - $5
    Lee precision auto prime shell holders - $5
    Lee 308 3-die set - $25
    308 brass; Mix lot; 280 pieces. All once fired, and tumbled - $28
    CH4D 30-06 reloading dies - $10
    RCBS 505 Reloading Scale - $35
    RCBS 45 ACP 3-die set - $30
    RCBS Case Lube Pad; RCBS case lube-2; Lee resizing lubricant - $5
    RCBS brush/pocket cleaner; RCBS deburring tool - $5

    Or buy it all for $120

    Things I'm looking to trade:
    9mm ammo
    45 ACP ammo
    AR15 drop in trigger

    20190613_200226.jpg 20190613_200328.jpg 20190613_200351.jpg 20190613_200435.jpg 20190613_200526.jpg 20190613_200816.jpg 20190613_200907.jpg 20190613_200954.jpg 20190613_201026.jpg
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