Have combat grips as well as hogue. Excellent condition. Very rare. There is said to be less then 4,000 CS1 around half of the 4000 being the 3inch. These were made for one year for customs agents. Google it.

Cash: 1600$ to trades HKP30L, Glock: 17L, 17/19 (gen5), 32,33,40, czsp01, ruger 1911 in 10mm, sig P220 DAO, gp100 3 inch, S&W 3 inch 686/629 delux or standard, 627,R8, p09,p10, 22lr/mag pistols and rifles, ruger 44 carbine, m44, lever guns in 357 and 44, 243 bolt gun with scope and bipod cz scorpion, sig mpx, AR 10. Army tank, v 12 rocket.

20171013_185612.jpg 20171013_200707.jpg
HK P30 L 9MM 4.45" BL V1 LITLEM 15RD
This is the only one available right now... the price would be. $999. I will look at some more vendors and see if the regular V1 L is available. Can you potentially email me or PM some more photos of the cylinder front and rear, breach area, barrell, both sides close up. Thanks


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