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    The pics in this ad are of the raised bed planter boxes I built for my own garden. They're made from re-purposed slat lumber (¾" non-cedar) ... hence they're not priced like cedar boxes. I do offer plastic sheet liners at $10 per box for barrier protection against soil contact. Likewise, to keep moles & other diggers out of your veggies, I offer 1" chicken wire floors for $10 per box. Prices for soil/fill labor can be discussed per project.

    Wall sections are pre-built and I assemble them on site into boxes that are 8' long x 40" wide x 27" tall. They're installed either as 8' stand-alone boxes, or connected end-to-end to make longer boxes (like in the first two pictures).

    Now is a good time to start prepping your garden space for next year if you want raised bed boxes. By filling the boxes now with a good mix of soil, compost, manure, etc., it'll give the good soil critters time to settle in and establish good soil structure so your garden will pop next spring. Also, some food plants, like garlic, need to be planted in the fall anyway.

    Comparably-sized cedar boxes (8Lx3Wx2H) are on Craigslist for between $115-$180. I'm selling mine for $75 per assembled box, or will negotiate prices for custom design requests. Fuel charge depends on how far from North Clark County you are and how many boxes need to be transported.


    Things I'm looking for are greenhouse sheet plastic, corrugated clear roofing for greenhouse, studded tires for a Ranger, steel (angle iron, plate, steel tubing), junk silver, metal chop saw (carbide), canning jars & lids, 60+ air compressor, coleman camp oven, ammo, or ?

    Send an email and we can talk about it. Thanks and have a good day. Below are some of the benefits of raised beds:

    1) The plants in the boxes are right in front of you, so you don't have to bend over so much to plant, weed, harvest, etc.

    2) At 40" wide, they are easy to reach the full bed surface from the sides.

    3) Since your growing surface is elevated vertically, all of the raised surface is plantable (versus only the center with a mounded raised bed).

    4) When you water a flat, raised soil surface in a planter box, it soaks right in where your plants can use it, versus with a mounded raised bed, the water runs off down the sloped sides away from your veggies and toward your weeds. This wastes water you are paying for.

    5) Since you're not walking on the dirt inside the box, the dirt stays looser and the weeds that do grow, pull out easier.

    6) Loose dirt means worms can travel farther/faster and thus can better aerate, compost and fertilize your soil.

    7) When worms aerate your soil, you don't need to roto-till

    8) The beds raise your growing dirt up so it gets warmed by the sun and ambient air on all sides and the top, versus just the top with ground level planting. This warms the soil sooner in the spring for earlier planting potential.

    9) Raised bed boxes often catch neighbors' attention and provide good conversation pieces to get to know your neighbors.

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