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    Weddings are expensive so I need to sell a few of my toys.

    I can do FTF transactions in the Portland area (to Oregon residents only), or ship to your FFL in another state. All prices are including shipping in the continental US, buyer pays insurance if they want it. I accept checks or money orders for shipped items but cash only for FTF sales. PM me and we can work a cash discount for the bigger items.

    PSL-54C in 7.62x54r:

    I bought this from AIM surplus about 4 or 5 years ago and have put roughly 1200 rounds of lightball surplus through it. It was in storage for a few years until last year when I decided to do a bunch of work on it.

    I started by replacing the stock FCG with a G2 that I had custom polished by Dinzag. Then I bought the fantastic Rhineland Arms SVD-style furniture set. After that I tried to tap a gas regulator into the gas block port but screwed it up. Unfortunately the gunsmith I paid a lot of money to fix it installed a very poor surplus gas block in place of the original. It works just fine but looks like garbage. On top of that he also kind of canted the front sight (very slightly). Because of these small cosmetic issues I never really had the passion to keep working on the rifle, which is too bad because it's a hell of a fun gun.

    This sale includes all of the following:

    -PSL-54C rifle with AKMN flash hider and G2 FCG
    -Ten 10-round magazines
    -LPS Scope
    -Sling & scope cover
    -Two full sets of furniture including gas tubes (original and Rhineland Arms)
    -Spare new-manufacture firing pin and surplus dust cover
    -Set of ported 8-32 set screws for gas regulation

    If the buyer prefers, I will also throw in the original gas block, muzzle device and FCG.

    The gas port is tapped and I will include several sets of ported 8-32 set screws that can be used to regulate the gas. This means the rifle can safely fire heavyball ammo, unlike most PSL's. It can also be turned into a single-shot straight-pull rifle by blocking the gas completely.

    The scope works fine as far as I can tell but has not been zeroed. I like shooting this bad boy with iron sights :D

    I had a gunsmith press off the original muzzle device and thread the barrel (standard AK LH threads). I installed an AKMN-style flash hider which looks amazing on the PSL.

    If you are looking for an all-in-one PSL package, look no further. I'm not charging an arm and a leg considering the contents of the package (Rifle, scope, 10 magazines, two full stock sets, spare parts and accessories).

    I'm asking $1600 shipped in a hard case from me to your FFL.

    Not interested in separating items at this time. I'll update the post if I decide to do that.

    This rifle comes with everything pictured here:

    Receiver has a nice matte finish but sports wear marks typical of these rifles:

    Closeups of the gas block:

    Spare parts and set-screw regulators in baggies:

    Mags! All function OK (some better than others on this rifle, but that's just how PSL's are) but about 4-5 of them have some pitting and/or rust. I've tried to keep them fairly clean and oiled and they have treated me well.

    Feel free to ask me any questions.
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    Weddings ARE expensive! Congrats and good luck with the selling!
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    Thank you! :D
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    This is a great deal! Wished I had money, I miss my psl. Fun guns to shoot. Good luck with it! Im sure it shouldn't take long for someone to buy it.
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    Old post, but thought I'd check - still for sale?

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