Price of "freedom"?

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    Price of "freedom"

    Social Security number to track you and monitor your earnings.
    (then they allow illegals use stolen ones to work here free)

    Taxes on everything you earn.
    Taxes on your property. (you can never own your home or land)
    Taxes on your fuel.
    Taxes on alcohol if you buy it.
    Taxes on your smokes if you smoke.
    Licenses and fees to operate your vehicle, or you boat.
    Licenses and fees to drive.
    Fines if you don't have licenses.
    Fines if you drive too fast. Fines if you drive too slow.
    Permits to walk on trails in your own country.
    Permits to park in the State and National forests.
    Fees to go into a park on government claimed land.
    licenses and fees to hunt.
    Licenses and fees to fish.
    Tags and fees for every kind of wildlife worth hunting.
    Tags and fees for every type of fish worth fishing for.
    Taxes on the manufacturing of raw materials then taxes on the
    products manufacturered
    from those raw goods, then taxes on the warehouses that store
    those goods, then taxes on the transportation of those goods.
    Then taxes on the retailer that sells those goods, then sales taxes if you
    are unlucky enough to live where they have sales taxes.
    Then taxes on your income and the income of the people that sell, manufacture
    and transport the goods by both the state and federal government.
    Licenses and fees to run a business.
    Licenses and fees to build a home or business.
    If you think you breath or crap for free, think again. The EPA makes sure you
    pay for the air you breath and the toilet paper you use is most likely taxed at
    least 4 times before you get it.
    Then when all is said and done they tax you to die.
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    "No taxation with representation" LOL
  3. unklekippy

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    All those taxes and we're still so far in the hole that it could collapse any time.

    A federal income tax? Anyone that doesn't question the constitutionality of that(and the fact that it was supposed to end in, I believe 1915) is yet another victim of the brainwashing that allows them to get felt up at DUI checkpoints or agricultural checkpoints(your rights go out the window if fruits and vegetables are involved) at state lines, asked for their ID and frisked on the streets of NYC and other cities and video and audio monitored on the public transportation vehicles(and God knows where else) in Houston.

    BUT, don't you dare question the Sharia Law happening in Dearborn, MI. You don't understand their culture, racist.
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    Yes you can say these taxes are over burden. It is necessary to provide all the facilities to the people by government. The basic earning of government is taxes and they provide all infrastructure and other facilities to people free of cost.
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    Free? I think you missed the tax part. And then there's the terrible waste and corruption.
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    Well, the USSR's people were FAR, FAR better off during/after their collapse then the American people will be because they did provide most of what the people needed. Here, you are on your own Jack!

    Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

    I hope that I didn't make it sound as if the Soviet collapse was a walk in the park, because it was really quite awful in many ways. The point that I do want to stress is that when this economy collapses, it is bound to be much worse. Another point I would like to stress is that collapse here is likely to be permanent. The factors that allowed Russia and the other former Soviet republics to recover are not present here. -from above article; and yes, agreed, it will be a permanent collapse.

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