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Preban Colt Sporter Hbar Match 20" A2

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by PMC, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. PMC

    PMC Lynnwood Active Member

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    20" 1/7 twist barrel, chambered in 5.56 (says .223 on the lower, but the barrel is stamped 5.56), in great shape.
    Sweet rifle to shoot at the range. Has standard take-down pin size, so the upper and lower can be switched out with others without any problems.

    Primarily looking to trade for a quality semiauto carbine with 14.5"-16" barrel. Primarily interested in other ARs, but will consider other types of rifles. Would also be interested in .308 "battle rifles," M1 Garands, and other nice historical pieces. I am not interested in the $500 worth of extra gadgets you have on your AR's rails (flashlights, lasers, toasters, etc) because I'm probably not going to use them.
    Could also be tempted by nice handguns. Not looking for anything in particular, but let me know what you're willing to trade.

    Not looking to add any cash on my part.

    Have a S&W Model 60 up also: http://www.northwestfirearms.com/handgun-classifieds/154475-s-w-model-60-38spl.html


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  2. CV-66

    CV-66 Brush Prairie Active Member

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    What type pivot pin does your rifle have? The slotted screw type or push pin?
  3. unplugged

    unplugged West side Wa. Member

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    PM sent.
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