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    PV has a lot of Alliant powders in suitable for loading pistol cartridges at a lot cheaper prices than some are selling for here. The also have WW296 back in stock. I did my share of buying bulk and selling for low prices. Need someone else to step up to spread out the hazmat/shipping costs to keep others shooting for a reasonable price.

    But of course there will always be those trying to rip others off for Varget at $50/lb when it is worth $25 or sell primers they bought at $20 for $40-50 in the last few months. They won't survive in really hard times when everyone finds out who they are and what they have done.

    "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." Ben Franklin

    Some only think of themselves. And if you don't or haven't voted, then get registered and do it for yourselves, if no one else. If all gun owners would have voted in the last election against Obama and other leftists, none of them would still be in office as there are nearly as many gun owners as there are those who voted in the last election.

    Stepping off soap box for a minute or 2.
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    I'd be willing to front a group buy but checking PV just now there aren't any powders I'd be willing to put out the effort for. Thanks for the sitrep and maybe later...

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