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    I belong to a local indoor range right now but unfortunately they don't allow shotguns or rifles to be shot there. So, I am now looking to join one of the Portland area outdoor ranges and would like to get some opinions about the various options.

    I put my name down on the wait-list at Tri-County back in March but haven't heard anything from them. They said they wouldn't be allowing any new members until 2014 (at the earliest). This would be the most convenient range for me to use but I am beginning to think it could be months (or years) before I may be able to join there.

    It looks like the range in Dundee may be accepting new member applications in the near future but I don't know what they have for shotgun and rifle facilities.

    It appears that Douglas Ridge is taking new member applications at this time. I have only been out there a handful of times so I'm not sure what all of their facilities are like. What I am looking for is a range where I can practice my competition handgun skills so I would like to be able to set out multiple targets, draw from the holster, move laterally, forward, etc. while shooting. I don't seem to remember Douglas Ridge having any 'action bays' like Tri-County has so I don't know if they allow those sorts of drills to be run there or not.

    As for shotgun shooting, I'm interested in shooting stationary targets (not clays) for 3-gun match practice.

    Any thoughts or input on the various options would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Douglas Ridge
    Has a tactical shotgun bay
    Calendar is 3rd row to right, about 2/3rds down the row.
    Today is Saturday, USPSA match
    Tomorrow, Handgun Silhouette
    24 November, 3 gun

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