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PopVox survey "gun control"

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by boarder4life81, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. boarder4life81

    boarder4life81 Eugene, Oregon Active Member

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  2. accessbob

    accessbob Molalla, OR 2A Supporter

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    I went on yesterday and clicked on OPPOSE and generated a very thorough statement as to why. I did that for several of the bills listed. I also clicked SUPPORT for a couple that were on our side and wrote explanations of why I thought they were good.
  3. speeddemon94

    speeddemon94 The Rogue Well-Known Member

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    I worry, after looking at that site, that no matter what you click it sends a message saying you support them.
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  4. BigStick

    BigStick Sherwood, OR Well-Known Member

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    I like how when I clicked oppose, it asks me if I want to send an email telling congress that I am "against common sense laws". Really? I undrstand that they want to be skewed in how they ask their question to skew the results, but they can't even be straight when offering to send congress an email for you? That's pretty bad.
  5. tiggers97

    tiggers97 United States Well-Known Member

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    I did two of them, but didn't leave any comments. I figured that the sorters at the reps office just put it in the "for" or "against" counters when they receive these mass emails.

    I do wonder what the weight is to these types of lobby campaigns. I know that it's something like 1:1000 for telephone calls (one caller representing the feelings of 1000 other constituents).
    What is it for letters? Emails? Post-cards etc?
  6. mancat

    mancat Kitsap County Well-Known Member

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    Yep. Same here. Then it asked me to fill out my address and phone number. I said screw it, I've already sent numerous letters to them, let's do it. Plug in my info. "We can't find your address." Brought up a map and showed the correct location, confirmed it. Still, "We can't find your address." Couldn't cast a vote or include my comments.
  7. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    I think it's because its not actually a bill. I looked at some of the others and got titles like this: “I oppose H.R. 138: The Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding ....”. That language is still horrible. Did it also include you kick kittens and spit on babies in the email?;)

    They actually display people's comments pro and con which is interesting.
  8. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    It looks like it is run by Heritage Action.

    Using POPVOX to Email Congress
  9. wilsoncj

    wilsoncj Oregon New Member

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    It's just a copy paste of the title of the "bill". Since the title of this one is "Common Sense Legislation to End Gun Violence", that's what it is. If the bill was "H.R. 142: The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act." it would ask if you wanted to email congress that you opposite "H.R. 142: The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act." etc etc. This site is run by a conservative policy advocacy organization, so you can all take your tin foil hats off.
  10. GunnyG

    GunnyG The Highlands Active Member

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    .... and you can go back and re-write the pre-formatted stuff, like I did back on the 19th of Jan:

    "I oppose this MAIG bill that is anything but "common sense" Legislation to End Gun Violence because...

    I am a retired Marine, I can read. I understand our constitution and our duties under it.

    What is the impetus for the second amendment? To prepare a nation to fight (and win battles) in armed combat against an enemy.

    How do you do that? By writing rules that makes training more difficult for everybody? Or do you foster an environment that facilitates training relevant to the task of the second amendment?

    Currently, there really isn't another kind of rifle would better fulfill the intended use of the 2nd amendment but an AR-15/M4 type, and Beretta M9 type pistol, in exactly the configuration, and with all of the accouterments, as used by servicemen in their duties and qualification, and civilian Service Rifle and Pistol competitors at Camp Perry.

    Per Title 10 USC 311, the obligation of reporting for militia duty starts at age 17 and ends at 45 for all male citizens not already in the guard and reserves, or exempted like by being on active duty per 10 USC 312, and we all age out of it). But our right to own firearms doesn't age out, as affirmed by the 2nd amendment."
  11. Caveman Jim

    Caveman Jim West of Oly Springer Slayer 2016 Volunteer

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    I told them that there has been no evidence of any common sense gun violence legislation proposed thus far!!!!

    First of all Congress is missing the boat on curbing gun violence with trying to only criminalize the law abiding. Why not introduce legislation that actually gets to the root of the problem, criminal punishment and hard work from the Justice dept to ensure that they get put away!!! Why not go through Chicago & wipe out the drug trade & the gangs? Why not get tough on the ones who commit these heinous gun crimes? Why try & capitalize on a tragedy to ban guns? Why is congress afraid to do something right to combat gun violence?