WTS/WTT OR Pistol primers - large and small

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    3,000 primers for $65.

    I live in Portland and work in Vancouver, so this applies to WA as well.

    I intended to get into pistol reloading and it's not going to happen, so here are some primers for sale.

    I have:
    1 box of 1,000 Remington 2 1/2 large pistol primers

    1 box of 1,000 CCI No. 500 small pistol primers.

    1 box of 1,000 CCI No. 300 large pistol primers

    Trades considered with money going either way to even up the deal:

    -M2 Ball .30-06
    -Prism fixed power scope or variable low power scope (Burris MTAC, Leupold, Vortex, etc)
    -M1 Carbine bolt tool
    -M1 Carbine mag pouches
    -S&W M&P Shield 8 round magazines
    -Magpul fixed carbine stock - black or FDE preferred
    -Single barrel 12 or 20 gauge in good shape - I'm aware this will require a transfer.
    -Older Sxs shotgun
    -Remington 870 20 gauge barrel - longer than the youth model.

    Bullets and brass available to the purchaser:

    Brass - 1,213 pieces all in plastic sleeves:
    543 pieces of .38 Special
    334 pieces of 9mm
    336 pieces of .45 Auto

    Bullets (Armscor, still in packaging):
    200 bullets - .45, FMJ, 230 grain
    100 bullets - .38 (.357), FMJ RN, 158 grain.

    PM is best. Thanks!
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    Bump. A couple trades added.

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