Parts... Project Guns... Broken Guns...

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by pirateer2007, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Parts... Projects... Broken guns
    I'm looking to build up a stock of gun parts. I'm looking for everything from old stocks to bolts to barrels to broken guns, fire burned firearms, parts guns, old stuff, sights... The list goes on and on.

    I don't have a lot to trade, but what I do is open. Trade by the piece or by the pound

    Trades I have are:
    1oz Silver
    Eisenhower $1 coins
    Susan B Anthony $1 coins
    some special Wheat Back pennies that we have doubles of
    A nice, nearly new fly fishing rod
    A decent 1891 Italian Carcano 6.5x52mm
    A nice Ibanez Acoustic-electric Bass guitar with on board tuner and EQ
    A nice used Buck assisted open pocket knife
    A cool little polymer Dragunov style Ruger 10/22 stock
    I might have a Butler Creek 25rd 10/22 mag
    I have lots of retro muscle and high performance Chevy stuff (motors, tranny, headers, vintage valve covers, carbs etc...)
    I have many hand made Yarn Balls for steelhead
    I also have a little cash which I could supliment with manual labor, gun cleaning etc...

    I can also do things like teach various programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excell (To build spread sheets) etc... I could even teach you to make a slide show log of your firearms, with photos showing overall condition, list of pertenant information like age, date, caliber, make, model, serial # and any other identifying marks to be saved on a flash drive, external hard drive or CD in case of burglary, theft or fire for insurance purposes.

    I could also teach beginner as well as novice/intermediate guitar. I have taught many of my Youth Group students when I was a Youth Pastor for 4 years down in Oregon.

    All in all I'm just wanting to collect some projects to work on as I proceed though this course as well as the next 2 quarters of my certification courses.

    Thanks guys!!
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    Hey, i've got a mid-90's .22 rifle that has trouble ejecting 1/2 the time. I'll trade you for that 6.5 :D

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