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West Linn
Howdy- clearing out a bunch of parts (oem and aftermarket) that are sitting around taking up space. I’ve already discounted most everything and if you take the entire lot I’ll knock off a couple hundred bucks and part with the whole lot for $1,000. Not interested in shipping at this time.

Individual pricing as follows:

$45 Magpul CTR adjustable milspec stock FDE
$160 Magpul Pro MBUS Front/Rear black
$20 Magpul AFG2 picatinny FDE
$20 Magpul RSA sling attachment picatinny
$2 Magpul 5.56 magazine pull hooks
$12 Magpul MS3 QD Adapter Black
$13 Magpul SGA cheek riser kit (mag463 low)

$20 S&W Rubber M Frame M69 Round Combat Grips

$20 Mossberg 500 fore-end grip
$60 Mossberg 500 speedfeed stock set

$300 Nikon Buckmasters 6-18x40mm Rifle Scope mildot reticle 1/8moa adjustment

$50 REM700 Stock Trigger

$50 Leupold steel matte medium rings 30mm & base

$20 30mm medium rings

$20 Sig p229 grips
$15 Sig p229 Decocking Mechanism
$15 Sig p229 magazine release button
$15 Sig p229 slide release
$15 Sig p229 trigger
$15 Sig p229 guide rod
$20 GrayGuns/Armory Craft Sig p series tuning spring kit
$10 Sig p229 hammer strut and seat

$50 Crucial Concealment Sig p220/p226/p229 RH Covert OWB

$160 SCAR-17 Ugg Boot Stock
$50 SCAR-17 Stock Trigger Assembly
$20 SCAR-17 Charging Handle
$7 SCAR-17 Stock Safety Selectors
$10 SCAR-17 Stock Pistol Grip
$25 Parker Mtn Machine Offset Forward SCAR Bolt Catch

$15 Noveske Bolt Catch Release
$20 Noveske MLOK QD Swivel Mount

$45 Parker Mtn Machine AR15 BCD & Oversized Bolt Catch Paddle (selling both together as I can only locate 1 backplate)
$10 Uncle Mikes Size 2 Sidekick holster

A9B49479-5BC6-4E1C-B573-D8C296A4D227.jpeg C9C9765B-1088-4C74-9097-FC4D01412247.jpeg 73E0EA6A-22BD-45B0-8154-2263702C7F23.jpeg 493C918E-898C-469B-A6E4-D3C15D6A2F05.jpeg 22F67492-892B-4F76-9723-D7B159CF8D82.jpeg 0B4BD7E1-3271-4554-9503-468989E917AF.jpeg 6ABEA433-3788-432C-B4A1-82BED47D8429.jpeg 8C59CD42-2817-44AB-91FB-92152E1F01C1.jpeg D999201D-2D05-4089-A3F1-B8FB99070A20.jpeg 69BD0371-DCCA-47F7-A603-ED02E8DE6220.jpeg 2C45BEE1-A670-4BE8-854B-CCED65D3B0E3.jpeg 1FD49CF4-2BF9-4335-BB75-105D161AFB86.jpeg EBA2C6CD-37AB-4247-B7C3-0F746E75E386.jpeg 0B38F18E-D715-439C-8620-90DE822EAB14.jpeg
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