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WTS OR Parachute Flares

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by sapper77, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. sapper77

    sapper77 Linn County Active Member

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    SHUTTLE Red Rocket Parachute Flares

    Dates on these flares are 2013

    ALBATROSS Distress Signals was established in 1997 by the Gallinoro family of Italy. Today they are one of the leading and most well known Pyrotechnics manufacturer's in Europe and have earned a well deserved reputation for quality and reliability.

    This day or night long-range distress signal ejects a red flare on a parachute at 350m (1150ft), burning for 40 seconds at 30,000 candela and visible up to 30 miles. The SHUTTLE parachute rocket is waterproof and can be held under water in the ready-to-fire position.

    Great for survival use on your boat or while hiking in the mountains or the desert or any where you may get yourself stranded and need help, also perfect for the 4th of July, New Years or backup emergency use in your bug out bag. These flares are amazing to fire and beautiful to watch in the day or night sky.

    This flares are sold as is, no refund or exchange or implied warranty. Be careful not to direct towards people or property. Make sure it is legal in your area before firing these flares!


    Video Links to Rocket Flares Being Fired..............These things are awesome

    $25 each (4 available)

    West Marine sells these Flares for $67.99 each!

  2. The Heretic

    The Heretic Oregon Well-Known Member

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    We used parachute flares in the USCG to light up the area for rescues, and for signalling. Very bright.

    I have one still, but I am disinclined to use it; I no longer go out on the ocean, and it could very well start a fire if used anywhere there was something on the ground for it to start the fire - we always used them over water, and most went out before reaching the water, but they would have been very hot nonetheless and some were still burning - it depends on the angle you use and how high the flare went as a result.

    BEN LILLY Lincoln City, OR NRA LIFE MEMBER Bronze Supporter

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    I have used, probably 100 of these, while in the Air Force. Glad I didn't
    have to pay for them. They are very bright.