Pac-Nor 260 Rem barrel for Savage

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    SOLD Pac-Nor 260 Rem Super Match stainless for Savage small shank. 23" long straight taper to .840" at the muzzle. Similar to Savage 10PC contour. 8 twist, 5 groove with recessed crown. Air dried Duracoat in FDE but it hasn't held up well. 345 rounds through it. Shot Cor-Bon 123 factory loads under .5" and Nosler 120 BT around .5"-.6" for 5 shot groups. It doesn't seem to like the 140 SST or Amax, usually .8-1.25" for 5 shots. Maybe I'm not running them fast enough to stabilize. Always cleaned with a Lucas bore guide. Smooth barrel nut included because I hate them! The scratch by the outside of the crown does NOT extend into the recessed part. $225 cash. Thanks


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