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  1. cbdolphin

    Corvallis, OR
    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    Selling mags as one lot and one lot only.

    4 NIW Black non windowed P-mags 30 rounders
    4 NIW FDE WINDOWED P-mags 30 rounders
    1 Used C-Prodcuts 30 rounder
    1 Used Unmakred Aluminium 30 rounder

    Looking for $136 shipped for priority shipping. (Just for mags)


    4 Black Magpuls, $14.00 shipped
    2 OD Green/2 Black GI Magpuls $14.00 shipped

    $26 shipped for all 8 Magpuls, $24 extra if bought with mags.
    PM and and e-mails will reach me.

    USPS MO's and Paypal only, (must send as gift or you pay the 3.5% in fees.

    Thank you
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