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Project Wilderness just launched our newly designed website ( <broken link removed> ). If you saw our previous site you'd understand how ecstatic we are to have such a dynamic site! We're so thrilled about launching the new site we're hosting a photo contest! Grand Prize is CASH!! :s0155:


Categories: There are three categories within the contest. Natural/Scenic, Wildlife and Recreational. The first category, Natural/Scenic, pretty much explains itself but lets go over it really quick. Photos containing waterfalls, lakes, mountains, forest, flowers or other natural landscapes only fall under this category. The second category, Wildlife, defines any wildlife photo which can include in the surroundings people, buildings, vehicles, natural landscapes, etc. Basically any good photo with Pacific Northwest wildlife qualifies. The final category, Recreational, can include any photo of activities on public land such as mountain biking, off-road vehicles, hiking, hunting, fishing etc.

Submitting: There is a $5 required donation for each participant. 20&#37; of this goes to the winner and 80% is used to continue our great work! Please email up to three photos to or post them on our facebook wall You will receive an email after with donation instructions (check by mail or paypal).

Prizes: The top 3 finishers from each category are awarded a non-cash prize. The prize will be chosen by the winner from a list of donated items from our corporate supporters (values range from $20-$100). The winner from each category will then be judged against the winners from the other two categories. The grand prize winner will receive 20% of the total entry fee's. For example if 100 participants enter the contest at $5 per person the total grand prize would be $100.

Rules:All photos must be taken within Oregon or Washington. Taken on public land or waterway. The applicant must be the photographer of the photo. 3 photo's total. The board of directors will determine winners and winner determined in 30 days (12/12/10) & deadline for submission is 12/11/10.

More About Project Wilderness

Public Land Expansion: It is estimated by the US Forest Service that more than 44 million acres of private forest will be lost to low density housing development by 2030. That's twice the size of Maine! We strive to obtain privately held land fragmenting existence state & federal forest. Priority is given to wildlife wintering parcels and critical habitat especially those at risk of urban growth boundary expansions. All property is open for public use such as hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, etc. This ensures continued protection of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, recreational opportunities, wildlife, clean water and air long after we're gone.

Public Land Cleanup: Government agencies which service public land are overwhelmed and need our help! We work on some of the most heavily trafficked public land in the Pacific Northwest to cleanup illegal dump sites, recreational shooting areas, forest camp sites, beaches, rivers, and other areas. Without this work public land is at risk of travel restrictions & closures. In the past 12 months Project Wilderness and community volunteers have removed 14,976 cubic feet of garbage from public land!

Stewardship Education: Providing the tools needed for our teachers to educate the next generation is vital to keeping our youth connected to nature and outdoor activities. Project Wilderness offers free in class or outdoor education sessions for public and private schools.

Self Sustainability: In our consumer based society the basic survival skills, self sustainability, can be lost. Learn how to save money, eat healthier, reduce stress, improve your quality of life, reduce pollution and ensure your survival during difficult times.

Project Wilderness is a 501(c)3 federally recognized tax exempt charity. :s0155:
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