WTS/WTT WA (OR TOO): BR Bullets - Cheek 30 Cal 118 grain #7 Ogive

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    As title says, these are top end bench rest bullets. 30 caliber 118 grain made by Ronnie Cheek. #7 Ogive. These were manufactured in Dec of 2012.

    I've shot these in my 30BR for a few years and am only selling them because I received some long-long back ordered BIB's. Won a Clark Rifles Sharp Shooter Match a few years back with these.

    These are going on his website right now for $0.38 / bullet +shipping (by the thousand).

    I have Three (3) unopened 250 round boxes for sale @ $85/box. This comes out to $.034/bullet. Or $240
    for all 3 boxes.

    Willing to trade 1:1 for XM193 or XM855 factory ammo.

    Located in Vancouver


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