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    Some of you guys might find this interesting. Zooniverse has a new project called Operation War Diary.


    Zooniverse does "citizen science" like having a lot of people online look at space photos to find certain features out of millions of photos.

    This one is to help classify millions of war diary entries from WWI so they can be better preserved and searchable for future generations.

    "Around 1.5 million pages of unit war diaries cover activity on the Western Front. There are lots of different types of pages full of fascinating details about the people involved and descriptions of their activities.

    We need your help to classify the type of page and then tag key data."

    I thought some of you guys might be history buffs and would want to help out.
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    Related - Lots of records for Genealogy on the WW's is not readily available in electronic formats. If you pay to get some in an electronic format, please consider making that available to the public.

    Many, many people would love to have those records and the diary entries for their family search.

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