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I'll make it quick. 52 years 7 months and a bunch of days ago I was playing dead in Vietnam with several 7.62X39 holes punched in me. The only voices I could hear were North Vietnamese soldiers jabbering about what ever and me there bleeding out at what was probably a high rate. The guy next to me (Sgt Knight) was dead and the guy behind him, the dog handler, was shot in both lungs and not long for this world. The rest of the platoon was a ways away and the new "cherry" Lt. was not sure what to do with what was his first fire fight. The shortest guy in the platoon got frustrated at how the whole situation was stagnating, picked up his M60 mg and ran up laying down fire. The NVA didn't want any part of him and took off. The medic and some other guys join the M60 gunner and I felt my chances go from about 5% to 50% of seeing the next day. The NVA tried to counter. But, that M60 gunner changed their collective minds. The M60 gunner received a Silver Star for his bravery in taking the initiative and charging with the 60. The worthless Lt received a Bronze Star because he was an officer. I found out later he became a Brigadier General.The dog handler survived. I researched, found his name and fortunately it wasn't on the Wall. Dog died. Telling you all of this because a few days ago that M60 gunner and I reunited in Nampa, ID. Spent a day at the Idaho Military Museum (Highly recommend It) in Nampa reliving 1967 with the 101st. Had to cut it short because of the OR fires and my daughter evacuating. So, Larry (Larry Guynn) and I made a promise to get together again and down far more beers together. Here is a platoon photo. If the circle around us doesn't show up, Larry is from the left # 3 and I am #4 in the middle row. Also, the recreated photo in front of the museum. We haven't changed a bit.;) Inkedplatoon_LI.jpg cropped larry and steve.jpg
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