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Funny situations. I am getting tired of the lousy service with our Firefox Mozilla. Perhaps I have an outdated browser or server? I do not know computers. I can NOT order on line with Firefox. No problem with Chrome. Much faster for me. Perhaps just our regional server or browser? Again I do not know much about dinkum thinkums.

Running Linux Mint 17

Forum running very slow and choppy. Keyboard running 3-5 words behind my stroking.
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soros funds mozilla fire fox at DuckDuckGo

Not to say Chrome isn't guilty BUT there are other options people can use besides Chrome/FireFox.

Going with browser flaws this also plays a part in that:

google finds flaw with intel chips at DuckDuckGo

Ala - Specter/Meltdown debacle.

As i've posted before: And these would certainly help with fears of privacy while surfing along with using common sense and a secured connection thru a modem/router/vpn

adblock plus at DuckDuckGo - Adblock +

ublock origin at DuckDuckGo - Ublock Origin

privacy badger at DuckDuckGo - Privacy Badger

https everywhere at DuckDuckGo - HTTPS everywhere

duck duck go chrome at DuckDuckGo - DuckDuckGo

Add these to your flavor of browser (mostly Chrome/FireFox) and it should help keep your browser clean and quick.

Other browsers to consider:

List of Alternative Browsers for Windows 10/8/7

If there are any other advanced computer wizards floating about, please contribute.

Change your DNS:

A List of Free and Public DNS Servers

This link contains multiple DNS numbers to pick from and has an explanation of what they do to help you.
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Running OpenDNS here at the router. Speed increase over the Comcast DNS is very noticeable when browsing. Solid security, too. Pretty sweet upgrade for the low price of free.


Years ago I quit Mozilla because it was became bloated and slow. I have many plugins on Chrome that block a whole lot of stuff.

I will give it a try again and see how it goes.

Thanks for sharing the article and it did contain a lot of useful information.
I was turned on to Modzilla Firefox years ago and it took me awhile to get used to it but I haven't noticed any significant slowdowns by not using Google Chrome as the browser.

When somebody really finds out how to kick Google in the cooter, please let me know and do a tutorial that even a caveman could understand.:p
I've got Firefox on one laptop and my impression is that it's more respectful in terms of personal security. Really power hungry though. Makes the computer run slow.
On my computers (and phone) running Chrome it's painfully obvious that I'm being studied and tracked.

Can't win.
I'll bite - how is it 'painfully obvious" you're being studied and tracked..?? I'm not disagreeing that Google collects data, but how is it "painfully obvious"...??
I think I had a thread on here weeks ago about my phone, which runs Chrome, throwing out some pretty targeted ads and YouTube (Google) recommendations. Some based on obscure conversations within earshot of the phone but not things that I'd actually even searched using Google. For instance, I'd be on Amazon and see ads for Pike's Peak, a place I've never been to or researched but had a conversation about with my dad 2 hours beforehand. Also notice how many ads are based on location. Take your phone or laptop on a business trip and notice how many things are based on location.
My laptop that runs Firefox doesn't have that issue. I may see some ads for things I've searched for but many appear random or more related to the site I happen to be on at the time. I also don't get location related suggestions on that one.
Today's websites load a lot more stuff when you access them than in the past 3-5 years. More content, more time to load. I am still running XP and even still have a couple of IDE HD's(out of 9) in my AM3+ 6 core computer. I have noticed that generally the bigger the website the slower it is for me. But then I started out with 8086, 256 MB ram, 2 5 1\4 in floppy disk and a full height10 MB MFM hard drive running on an RLL controller card doublespaced which produced about 20-21MB of usable storage. It took 4 to 5 mins to boot, and all the HD noise shuffling data in and out of memory with the resulting hit on system speed.
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