Officer Pete Malloy passes.

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    One of the good Cops out there. Sure it was only TV but he inspired many kids into becoming real Cops I'm sure and some of his character's honesty and courage had to have rubbed off on more than a few.

    Martin Milner, the affable actor who did his best work behind the wheel on the TV series Route 66 and Adam 12, has died. He was 83.


    Adam-12 1968-1975 | NBC
    Each about 25 minutes long, the episodes chronicle the quotidian vicissitudes of these men in uniform, as opposed to the detectives, forensic experts, lawyers, and such who populate today's cop shows. Whatever the storyline, the tone is fairly tame, with none of the graphic violence common to later cop shows. And while the '65 Watts riots had already taken place, Rodney King, the Rampart scandal, and numerous other ugly events were far in the future. Thus Adam-12 evinces little or none of the now-vast divide (most of it racially based) that exists between the LAPD and much of the community; on this show, the cops are the good guys, without much nuance (which helps explain its popularity with real police officers). That's certainly not all bad; Adam-12's realism (for its time) and lack of pretension are refreshing, and the show is looser and not nearly as humorless as Dragnet.
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