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North American Arms PUG 22mag .... NIB

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by collectric, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. collectric

    collectric s. of Eugene Active Member

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    North American Arms PUG 22mag.
    New in the box with all the factory stuff.
    Never fired since it left the factory..
    These are great shooters.




  2. mjn

    mjn Tri-Cities, Wa Active Member

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    The PERFECT daily carry. Between my daughter and I we have a .22 short, a .22 LR, and a .22 Mag.

    G/L with the sale!
  3. 40calruler

    40calruler Lake Oswego Well-Known Member

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    MJN you say the perfect daily carry so at what distance with the LR version would you say is its max accurate range. I have been thinking about getting on of these for years. Kinda like the Earl with the long barrel though but for my first I want the pocket carry little guy.
  4. fireninja13

    fireninja13 Newberg / Portland Metro Active Member

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    I actually have both the PUG and the Earl. Both are excellent carry pieces and are more accurate than most shooters ;)

    If you're thinking about .22 LR vs .22 WMR, there is really no choice. 22 LR is good for plinking and target shooting, but if you have any notion of self defense or carry .22 WMR is the only option. The ballistics from short barrels with the different rounds are significant: BBTI - Ballistics by the Inch :: Home

    The PUG will disappear into any pocket -- it carries better than any other gun I own. They are beautifully machined and finished little guns. The only concern I have with it is the compromised ballistics from the 1" barrel.

    The Earl is my boot gun, and I pretty much never leave home without it. Ballistics from that 4" barrel are pretty good with the right ammo -- I have CCI V-MAX polymer tips in mine, and its rated for a real 1500 FPS from the 4" barrel.

    collectric -- good luck with your sale!
  5. mjn

    mjn Tri-Cities, Wa Active Member

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    I've taken it to the range several times.. since I have it on my person so often, I feel it's important to know the limitations and acuracy.
    Most of my target shots were at 10-12 feet, and at that distance, I can keep most of the lead going thru the black using a std pistol target. (small pie plate sized black area) Anything beyond that, and the degree of difficulty goes up considerably.. :bluelaugh: