Norinco SKS w/ Tapco stock and Ammo!!!!

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    For sale Norinco with Tapco stock, with two twenty round Tapco mags and a thirty rd steel mag. Also comes with 190 rounds (7.62 x 39), 9 stripper clips, and is fitted with a Ncstar 1x30 red dot on a SKS scout rail. No bayonet, original sights, stock, or cleaning rod. Get this baby while you can, only asking 700$

    Norinco SKS w/ Tapco stock
    2 Tapco 20 rd mags
    1 steel 30 rd mag
    Ncstar 1x30 Reddot
    SKS scout rail
    190 rds 7.62 x 39
    9 stripper clips

    all for 700$


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