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Nopps gets no love. Rated an average.

Not exactly a time machine jaunt for a lot of people, but WAAAAY back, in my reckoning, in 2005, I was finally an adult legally able to purchase my own rifle. Hadn't initially been on my big grand list of things to do, since at the time my teenage hunting interests had dwindled to water fowl of various kinds, and I was already well provided for byy Mossberg in that area. However, at the instigation of another, I decided to exorcise my right and went in to Nopps to pick something up for a plinking expedition to the BLM land outside Silver Creek.

Long story short, I passed up a very nice deal on a Remington 700 for that standby of Boy Scout nostalgia - the Ruger 10/22. Had an excellent set of Bushnell optics already mounted, and as it turned out, very well adjusted, and was on the rack for $150, the price of which was around that of a new 10/22 to my reckoning, and much less than the MSRP for said optics, which I use on my Savage to this day. Still have the rifle as well, and gophers fear to tread where it's shadow lurks, when I am down in Salem at the folk's place. So, if nostalgia counted for much, I'd give Nopps an excellent.

Unfortunately, it doesn't count for much. I go back there alot, looking for good deals on guitars and audio equipment, or masonic rings that might have local fraternal history, but I've generally given up on their gun selection. It is not terrible, in fact it is often quite varied - nor is it substantially overpriced. Indeed, the prices seem almost arbitrary at times; often much lower than expected, occasionally outrageous.

The staff are somewhat knowledgeable about what they have, but rightly don't consider themselves a gun store. I have had no experience selling or trading there, but those who do seem satisfied. To wit, they are completely average, as pawn shop gun sales go within the limited scope of my knowledge. The rifles are rarely clean, the handguns typically don't have alot of their original accessories or boxes, and particularly with handguns, the selection is often spartan. Have seen some nice single actions there, and the perennial super red hawk with obscene optics, but not much lays between that and the odd 9mm sig when I've been in recently.

It being Salem, and downtown, you are also somewhat like to run into an undesirable or two behind the counter - the rifle display is a cluttered L-rack that wraps behind the "handgun and miscellaneous knives with Chief Joseph on them" glass case. The public is allowed to step behind the counter to examine the rifles, and on one or two occasions sweep SCTSQRL with the muzzle of the KelTec that they are so convinced is a "pimping AK" or whatever - but that has been rare enough.

Staff are friendly, but seem unhurried in their salesmenship - I assume this is because of the amount of walk in lookieloos that any pawnshop generates, I'm not broadly experienced in that aspect of the business. Your mileage may very, but expect to have to ask questions, rather than be given any form of pitch.

As for the rest of the store - I haven't seen any Goyas or Botticellis, but there is some interesting jewelry and art, a great selection of guitars and audio equipment on a general basis, and the cowboy action oriented individual would probably have a great time in there - that seems to be the genre the management is most interested in. I'll be back there, but I won't expect marvels.
worth a stop if your in town, but i wouldn't go out of my way. the store and people are great, but their selection is average at best. prices are decent and they are willing to negotiate. no ammo or accesories. lots of old shotguns and rifles, minimal handgun selection. i have found several guns there on occasion that came home with me. good people, but are lacking in selection.
Havent boughten anything from them but when i do come in the old guys always nice and lets me go back behind the counter to get a better look.
Been in there when Ilived in Salem. Not going to find any handguns. seem to have some older rifles and shotguns. as mentioned above, not worth a trip to Salem from out of town.
So how flexible are they on price?
10% or 20% of sticker?

Went in today and they were friendly enough. Not top notch inventory but seemed a decent collection of shooting rifles.

Handguns were limited.

Will vote after a couple more visits. For service, so far above average. But first time in.
They are a great shop and you need to talk with Garren for your gun info. All the staff are very nice to deal with and don't ever give you any attitude like some other shops in town. Garren is the main gun guru and once you get him talking has a great amount of information to share. I have a feeling that some of the choice guns that come in on pawn end up in his private collection though, but that's just a guess.

It's a for profit establishment so don't expect to get walmart prices on items. Retail space in downtown Salem is not cheap and he keeps a full staff of 3-5 on board at all times. Also would guess that most of the guns there come in for pawn and might not be super high-end stuff.

Worth checking out and very nice family run business.


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