New to me Browning BLR


54A6EB6E-754A-40E4-86D3-B3151E1D47DF.jpeg BLR’s are top notch. I have one in 257 Roberts, 284 Winchester, and 358 Win. I saw one on Gunbroker in 222, but it ended up going for over 2K. They are tack drivers. Here’s a group from the 284 my 10 year old shot @ 100yds
I am looking forward to throwing some lead down range. The scope on it is a 1.5-5X20 Simmons scope not expecting miracles from the scope. I did put my Bore Sighter on it and it is zeroed. he guy I bought it from told me it was zeroed in at 200 yards.
I've got one in .358Win. A cartridge with a lot of thump, considering the light weight of the gun. It's too pretty to take elk hunting, though. Also, I can't bear to put a scope on it, but my eyes aren't good enough even with peep sights.

I've had some fun with it, shooting water-filled milk jugs lined up on a 2x8. The hydro pressure even managed to break the 2x8. The .358 Win is a very cool cartridge.


Purchased just yesterday Mid '70's Browning BLR in .308Win. $475
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This is NOT an Assault Rifle:D

My husband just told me that he owned a rifle like yours in the .308 caliber too. Seventies time frame to the early 90's. He got a lot of elk and deer using that rifle to hunt with too.

Since I have known him and married him... he has not owned a .308 caliber rifle. He has owned many rifle, handgun and shotgun calibers over the years before he consolidated more firearm calibers and downsized BIG time before and after his retirement. He still owns some of his top favorite rifle calibers too. (Many of our friends shoot the .308 caliber.)

He no longer owns a shotgun. He rarely used his last 12 gauge in a Remington 870 Marine Magnum in the last x amount of years. It was a nice shotgun. He sold it. He is not looking for another shotgun at this time.

So far... he still shoots these calibers in rifles. Handguns - 45acp.

30-06 - Bolt action.
.223 - Bolt action.
.22 LR

Good shooting to you!

Old Lady Cate
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