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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Kruejl, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Kruejl

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    So I picked up a new Sig P938 from Oregon Arms and Ammunition (great shop and I am in NO way affiliated). My intentions are to make it my EDC. I looked at a Glock 42 but it was just too small for my hands and finding .380 is next to impossible. So enter the P938. Stainless slide. Tritium night sights. It had the aluminum panel grips and I quickly swapped them for the wrap around rubber ones. I bought it, took it out the next day straight out of the box and fired 100 flawless rounds through it. Everything from Winchester white box to Hornady Critical Defense. It ran all 100 perfectly. I was shooting from 7 meters at an 8" x 3/8" AP rated steel plate. I hit the plate every round and couldn't be happier with my EDC choice. The extended mag is a MUST for my large hands but I shot the standard flush mount mag with ease as well.
    As far as cleaning, I've read many that state its a chore and honestly the first time I took it apart it was a PITA to reassemble. The spring it tough to seat properly with the guide rod. But after about 10 times, I have got it down and its actually pretty easy to get it back together. Is it as easy as a Glock? No. But I can do it quite quickly now.
    I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for an EDC that pretty much won't print at all. The early versions had issues but mine has a born date of 12/30/13 which is well past the time that Sig fixed the issues. They originally used many of the same parts from the P238 and it became apparent that the 9mm round was too strong for .380 components. Problem was fixed late 2012 or early 2013.
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  2. Norwestr55

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    I picked up the Blackwood version at the gunshow Saturday and got out to play with it Sunday. That recoil spring had me sweating and cussing for a few the first teardown but I've got it figured out now. Greased and oiled before I took it out and it was very dry. Just plinked with it mainly but it ate everything I fed it. I couldn't believe how controllable it was and how mild the recoil was even with a 2 finger grip. Have a holster and extended mag (bout went into sticker shock on the mag) coming this week, so another 100-150 rds or so I'll be carrying this lil sweety.
  3. Mikej

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    Wifey just got her Extreme from Kieth's after a 3 month wait. She doesn't do the dis-assembly and cleaning of arms in the house. I'm concerned about the little "Jesus spring". I saw a you tube video about it and the guy had put it in wrong and bent it causing the slide to lock back prematurely.

    We'll see, haven't got to shoot it yet.

  4. AngryRedTicTac

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    I've got somewhere around 1000 rounds through my old Nightmare, and the recoil spring doesn't feel any softer now than when it was new. I have found that with care I have no problems with the spring, but it is trickier than say my 3913.

    The parts that they replaced when upgrading the 938 weren't 238 pieces, they were just undersized for the 938. Some of the guns functioned flawlessly, some, well, not so much. I'm not sure how the guy got the spring in and bent it, unless it was the original tapered one. All of them since mid '12 have had the one mine does, which can be installed either way without issue. Mine was one of the first out of the gate with the revised parts, been toting it for a year and a half.
  5. gryghin

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    So, how does it shot compared to the P238?
  6. jrprich

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    I have owned both the 238 and 938. Anyone happy with the 238 would likely be happy with the 938. Only difference is a bit heavier and a bit more recoil from the 9.
    I have over 2500 rounds through me 938 and it is an excellent pistol.
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  7. ATB

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    Very good choice!

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