New holster, CZ p-01

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    3DDA8D20-A213-45EE-BFEA-5D0CDF420776.jpeg C20EE3A3-8EEA-4EBA-9B32-90CB1D1B592B.jpeg I just wanted to give a shout-out to Alex at Boriqua Leather...I’ve had him do an IWB for a CZ PCR, which turned out beautifully.
    I saw some nice carved work that he does...thought it might be appropriate as a fancy “BBQ” set-up along with my cajunized p-01 ( fanciest gun I own).
    He and I came up with a color scheme for one of his carved designs. Received it today and...
    I absolutely love it. Very impressed with his artistry and craftsmanship.
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