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    Hey folks, new guy from WA here. I'm not new to forums, pretty active on a couple local forums (motorcycles and jeeps) and stumbled across this site when googling the rules on purchasing a pistol online.

    I'm relatively new to firearms .. I've done what I feel is a fair share of research on which guns I'd like to carry/own, along with basic concepts of how to handle/fire a pistol, carry laws, etc etc. It's been a few years since I've shot a gun (2008) so I'm a smidge rusty on it and am in need of some practice. I'm a sponge when it comes to information, I want to make sure that I do everything right the first time instead of just jumping the gun (no pun intended) and buying a pistol THEN doing all my research. I'm more of a "monkey see monkey do" type learner for those that care to know.

    I'm applying for my CPL this week (if I can find the time) and waiting for that before I make my purchase. I'm an impatient bastard when it comes to paying for something then having to wait a few days before I can take it home. Plus, it gives me a few weeks to hit the range and really test out the pistols that I want (and maybe look into other options) before I drop some coin on a gun.

    Based off of feel (which is bogus to base off of because each gun shoots differently), I've come to the conclusion that the Ruger LC9(-CT) and Springfield XD9 SC are my two favorite options. I have yet to shoot either or, and am still open to options, but they're within the price range that I want to spend (XD is a stretch for me), both feel great in my hands and will get the job that I want them to do done.

    This is why I am buying a gun:
    • Why not?
    • Home Defense (caught a couple guys staring at my motorcycles up close in my shared garage and ran when I came around the corner)
    • Carrying (not ALL the time, but when I feel the need to)
    • Why not?
    • For fun
    • Target Practice
    • Why not?

    This is why I'm here:
    • To learn from the people who's been enjoying this hobby much longer than me
    • To learn more about gun safety / laws / etc
    • To learn more about other types of guns (shot guns / AR's / etc)
    • To meet new folks.

    Here are the main questions I'm looking to get answered immediately: (If I need to start a new thread, I have no problem doing so, I figured I'd just lay it all out on the table)
    1. What are the laws/restrictions to purchasing a pistol online? (from a reputable website)
    2. My girlfriend's best friend has a shot gun she's looking to get rid of because it reminds her of her ex. She said I can have it for free (woot), what do I need to do (if anything) to be able to transfer ownership/register it/etc etc?

    I think that wraps it up for me .. Sorry for the long intro, I'm here to learn and hopefully pick up a new (expensive) hobby!
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    Welcome to the forums! I was in your place last year. For law help or guides I'd check out the GOA, OFF links on the side of the forum webpage, or I'm not compeltely sure on WA state laws but on the shotgun it would likely just be just a private sale, nothing needed to be done if you are both residents of the same state, unless you or her want a bill of sale for your own records.

    Online buying is easy usually if buying from a big vendor. Check out they have a tutorial on how it works or Long story short, its shipped to a local dealer who runs the background check and you pay them a transfer fee.
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    Welcome. I'm with you on they why's (except the motorcycle part).

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