Need some info from the Bolt Action 22 mag rifle guys

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by jaredb909, May 30, 2011.

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    Im wanting a bolt action, 22 WMR Rifle for backyard use. Im pretty picky on this and i want the rifle to be perfect.

    Im wanting it to be all stainless with a sythetic stock. The only one i can find is the Marlin 982VS but i see it does not come with Iron sights, but it comes with scope rings. This rifle would be perfect if it had iron sights.

    Anyone know if i can get iron sights put on ? or is there another gun you guys would suggest? ruger has one also but its scope rings and no iron sights and its $300 more than the marlin.
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    Nothing wrong at all with the Marlins . If you get a chance though , go to Bi-mart and handle the rifles . The Ruger 77/22 mags are worth the extra money in my opinion . The older Browning A-bolts and the Winchester levers are nice rifles also . Keep an eye on the classifieds .
  3. Spitpatch

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    You can have irons put on, and it is really not a problem, but by the time you buy them (I'd assume receiver peep for best accuracy) and have the holes drilled for the front sight, probably $100 or more. I would guess you can find a rear sight already matching the holes drilled in your gun for the scope mounts. Go to and post your question there. Those guys have done everything you can do to the Marlins and Savages.

    Your big questions and experimentation and/or seeking advice will be done toward matching the height of your front sight with your chosen rear sight, according to caliber trajectory (.22 Magnum). There are formulas for figuring this out to at least get close, but the rimfirecentral guys might save you a lot of messing around there if one of them has done what you are considering.
  4. jbuck

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    I really like the old Ruger boat paddle 22mag. You should be able to find one for a decent price and they are worth the extra $$$

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