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Just wanted to pass it along

>'Mysterious' Vietnam War Memorial | Military.com

Subj: RE: 'Mysterious' Vietnam War Memorial | Military.com
Mind blowing. Makes me think it was a combat soldier from
the early days of the older Indo Chinese wars. Perhaps as far back as the
Japanese occupation of VN during WWII. It's hard to figure out (without
lots of translation and other clues) if the person or persons is Vietnamese,
Indian, Japanese, French, American, Chinese or what. It’s a great
reminder that the people of Vietnam were at war for a hundred years before we
ever heard of Vietnam. Perhaps the best thing to come out of our involvement
in Vietnam is the end of hostilities that were ongoing for so many
generations. I hope that whoever dedicated themselves to this monument has
found some peace.
It's very recent construction, only a few years at most. It cost several $1000 to build. The woman mentioned "rangers keep it secret" Park Rangers? I think they'd tear it down pronto. There is the issue of the 60mm on the top as well.
It looks like it was inspired by US Army Infantry Lore. I would say that the live ammo denotes the # of PPL involved. There may be a geographical relationship to the markers. Local VFW or VNVA ?
That "cannon" looks like a flag holder.
Would be cool to check out pay some respects. But yeah some eh-hole will probably tag it. Hopefully if they do karma will come in the form of a bear and bite his junk off.

It's amazing and touching to me that people make these memorials in places like this whether it be to show respect for those who lost their lives or some kind of memorial to those friends and family they lost while serving.

I wish big corporations would start giving sponsorships to real heroes/atheletes like Vets who braved war rather than whiny overpaid cry baby gangsta "athletes"
Some times one needs to find a peaceful place where you can lie and cry alone and let your mind wonder back in time to a place that holds many memories that changed you forever. These memories are a very real part of you and you live with them every day of your life. That place becomes a place of peace within your mind and heart and you can connect with those memories in a different way with each visit. The memorial weather you build it of rocks or garnet absorbs the bad memories and makes this small spot on earth, your sanctuary away from the nightmares.

I have two friends, father and son. The father (80? yrs. old) will build a pile of rocks almost every time they stop riding their atv's for lunch. One day the son asked why the heck do you pile rocks when we stop for lunch. The father said when I'm gone from this world and you see these piles you will think of me. A true story

When you find something that looks like maybe a memorial remember there is usually some kind of personal feeling put into it that they want known but know they can't say
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