My Savage 10 BA .308 for your .110 BA .338

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by das_napeth, Sep 10, 2012.

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    I know this is a long shot...but figured I'd ask anyway. Looking to trade my Savage 10 BA (actually a first gen BAS-K) that comes w/ AR stock threads. looking to trade for a .338 model. Rifle will come with (3) 10 round mags and an added on bottom rail that doesn't come factory. Unknown round count as it was used, I have never fired this rifle due to shooting my HS Precision 308. May or may not include scope (since pic I have switched to a super sniper 12x)with package depending but am thinking a bare bones .338 with 1 mag for my package minus the scope and bipod.

    Edit: I've gotten quite a few questions about a selling price on armslist, the whole package for $2000. Also replaced the stock with an XLR Industries tactical buttstock.


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