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I just received word that my friend Dale died today. We grew up together, were in the Marines at the same time and enjoyed each other's company immensely. Dale struggled to make ends meet and there was never enough money to indulge himself in his favorite sport, gun collecting and target shooting. When he found a gun that he truly had to have, he would work overtime or take a second job delivering pizzas, just about anything to make enough money to buy just one more gun. At our age, we've been retired for a long time and he was no longer able to work at his regular job in the poultry industry. He used to take blind turkeys out to sh#t.
He called me a few weeks ago to tell me about this rifle that would be the pinnacle of his collection and he simply had to have it. I asked him how he intended to pay for it and he replied that he had found another part-time job. Actually he had two part-time jobs. One was donating plasma at $175 per week and the other was being a sperm donor at $200 per "donation." That's where they found him today. He was at the donation center in one of their little rooms, with his personal part in one hand and a copy of Guns and Ammo in the other. His wife said that he had made enough as of today to pay for his new rifle, but not the background check.
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