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Mountain Rifles Show & Tell


JOC would have used an old pre 64 model 70. Thats what id use too, or my Tikka's or my savages. Just too many good options out there anymore...


I have a pre-64 Model 70 in 30-06, but it is 8.5 lbs naked . Definitely not a “mountain rifle”
That could be light, if you were Paul Bunyan. My pre 64 30-06 rifles are skinnier than that @6.5 pounds "naked". My 338wm is a sexy 7 pounds even with no clothes on.:s0113:


Been thinking about a lightweight hunting rifle no set caliber but I favor 308 win.
Handled a Barrett Fieldcraft in 6.5 it was light and seems to have good reviews
What do you have and what are your recommendations?
Not a boltie, but I hunted with a Winchester 94 for years.
6lbs. and the .30-30 never let me down.
Nice thing about the lever gun was that you can get sling swivels that clip onto the barrel/magazine tube and that allows the sling to be positioned past the fore end stock. This, in turn, sets the end of the barrel lower than one would normally have it.
Anyone who's hunted in the deep wood can appreciate that little feature.
Another gun I hunted with was an 1895 Chilean Mauser that belonged to my brother (we kept all of our guns at our parent's house). In the days before the '68 gun act, you could get ex military rifles for a very good price out of magazines.
When he got it, he set to work wiping off all the cosmoline and there was some issue with the stock, so he cut it down and sanded it smooth until it felt good to him.
Then he found a pair of old swivels that our father doesn't remember where he got them, and some old sling that was hanging in the basement.
The end result.....

Mauser_1895_Chilean_Bill-04.jpg Mauser_1895_Chilean_Bill-13.jpg

Right on about 6 lbs., sits on your shoulder like an ol' pirate's parrot and still shoots the very excellent 7x57 cartridge rather comfortably.
In my mind, the modern (i.e. scope-able) version of this gun would be a Remington Model 7, circa 1980's/1990's, chambered in 7mm-08..
Light and nimble yet fires a very efficient cartridge.
I wouldn't mind climbing any mountain with an old Model 7, or similar, chambered in 7mm--08.

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