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Discussion in 'Shotgun Discussion' started by waglockfan, Oct 25, 2015.

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    So I just picked up an 835 with some extra after market chokes, it was a steal so I couldn't let it get away from me. It has the 24" extra barrel that came with an extended choke from the factory. I believe it is a turkey choke. Oh and it's finished in Realtree Hardwoods, so ya I think this is set up as a turkey gun right out of the box.

    Delema.....barrel is stamped no slugs. I knew this going into the deal and gave no problem with putting different shot loads down it for turkey, pheasant, grouse, etc. with the correct chokes.

    My question is, who here has put a slug barrel on their 835, either rifled for sabot rounds, or smoothbore for bear - busting solids and how do you like it.

    I have a 590 for HD and it's on me as I'm working on my property (bears, cougars, are a problem there), I would just like the dual purpose ability of one hunting shotgun with a simple barrel swap.


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