Mossberg 500C, 20 gauge, used - so it has the usual dings and bumps - but solid. ATI folding stock, which is surprisingly comfortable. Includes original stock as well.

First of these two 20 gauge SGs to go I will add 50 target rounds - mostly Remington, some Peterson to the deal. The other gun is the Hawg Leg. This sentence goes away upon sale of the other gun, first in time "I'll take it" between the two gets the ammo. :D


Would be interested in trading (+/- $$) for something in a short barreled S&W or SP101.

Further tradebait, +/- cash to make ends meet: Ruger SA revolvers (.22, .44 or .357 only, and nothing with a Dragoon trigger guard), S&W Airlite .22 LR or Mag., Ruger Bearcat or Super Bearcat. Compact .45ACP

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