Mosin 91/30

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    I have a Mosin 91/30 for sale. Has on it now, a Black Synthetic stock. I have the wood stock too, but only one of the metal rings for it. Shoots good. Also has Bayonet, Cleaning rod, Oiler, Sling and the stuff. Asking 150.00 OBO. Will trade for 45ACP ammo, A pair if 1911 VZ grips, Ergo grips for a 1911, Nice Leather 1911 stuff needs to equal about 150 also. no way to take pics but I can meet with it in any direction. Also interested in other guns for trade. Offer whatever you got!
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    this is a 7.62x54? have some holster US army ones kinda old and a box of ammo, no gun and wondered what kinda trade value you would give? holster is in very nice condition with the flap, and ammo is 230jhp, also a pair of just plain old wood grips checkered as to age or anything not knowing, also no camera. thanks
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    Are you interested in a mixture of any of these calibers? 7.62x39, 9mm and .22LR?
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    Sorry guys, I was looking for a consealled style holster and the only caliber of that ammo I could use is 22, but I have like 5000rds already.

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