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    Mayors Against Illegal Guns Twists The Truth About Firearms Trace Data

    The numbers just don't lie.

    "Though Mr. Bloomberg may wish he was the Mayor of America, he’s not. He’s just the mayor of the City of New York, and the Second Amendment applies in Manhattan as much as it does in Mississippi."

    And where do people come up with this stuff... "The DA's Association warns the legislation makes it much more difficult to try murder suspects, and creates a "shoot first mentality" on city streets.


    As much as I do complain about what I consider absurd firearm laws here, reading what others have to deal with makes Washington seem lax, however still, I truly believe all these "law" are illigal to begin with. It is good to see that the people of some of these states are starting to turn around the laws of their states. The Northern mid-west end north east states seem to be changing there view points as a populist, their elected leaders are slow. Maybe that is a sign of change as well of the elected members of their states in the coming future.
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    We always have to be vigilant that these Brady law type followers don't slip in a little law that can expand thier sick philosophys. Spad

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