Moist Nugget 91/16

Call it what you will...

..."Gheto Blaster" maybe?


So there is what? 37,000,000 different Mosin Nagant rifles built? To be honest iMosins are not really my "thing." I've wanted (and still would like to) "build" a Model 1903 Springfield Bushmaster carbine. Thing is, Springfields are expensive and I am not going to chop up a good rifle. After a several years of casually looking for a suitable "sporter" to use as a donor I have yet to find one that meets my needs.

Along that line of thinking, Mosin are "cheap" and "plentiful." Surplus 54R ammo has been relatively inexpensive and abundant; you don't go through too much anyway. Figured maybe just picking up a M38 would scratch the itch. I did so. That M38 turned out to not be an M38, rather a pretty pristine 91/59. Now that Mosin has a nice safe space in the herd and will remain as-is.

Still needing a donor gun one old, well used 91/30 with rotten barrel was found. One hacksaw and idle hands with spare time...

Figured before I "dump" any money into it I'd cut the barrel to 17ish inches to see if this was even something I wanted to pursue.


91.16.01 2018.12.13.05.jpg

Turns out its a hoot to be sure.

Having cut the front sight off a replacement was needed. Couldn't find a M38 front sight base, so got a M44 FSB and a friend machined off the bayonet lug. Sent barreled action and new FSB off to gunsmith, he properly cut and crowned the barrel and machined the now thick muzzle end of the barrel to fit the FSB and mount the FSB. The front sight off the original barrel fits the M44 FSB perfectly.


Still need to finish the wood to get the front end "looking original" again. The thing shoots about 18-inches high at 50-yards, so still need to work on the sights.

Just an ongoing fun project to share. Few rounds out of the thing leaves smiles for hours.

Mosin fans have already made their displeasure known. I understand their pain, but figure there are 36,999,999 Mosin I've not cut down. 20190821_113527.jpg
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