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    Are you up to the challenge to be MISS FORT DISCOVERY?

    Miss Fort Discovery 2014

    The winner will be named Miss Fort Discovery for the year, August 2014- August 2015. Miss Fort Discovery will receive $250.00 per month and be required to appear at approximately 12 events per year. Including; trade shows, company sponsored events, product promotion/display and future photo shoots.
    Females 18-35
    There will be one finalist and two runner-ups.
    Runner-ups will fill in as needed and will receive $100.00 per event.
    Interested applicants must submit applications by 7/1/2014
    Qualified applicants will be notified of acceptance by 7/18/2014
    The Miss Fort Discovery Challenge will be held 8/1-3/2014. The challenge will include; product knowledge (which will be provided to applicants in advance), firearms qualification (prior instructions and firearms will be provided), agility & physical testing, and basic survival skills knowledge (survival skills will be tough prior to testing). The participant that has the highest overall scores will be crowned Miss Fort Discovery.
    Crowning will be 8/23/2014 at the Fort Discovery “Unity of Effort” celebration at Fort Discovery.

    Interested applicants must submit a letter of interest addressed to Fort Discovery, Inc., PO Box 660, Port Townsend WA, 98368 with a 3x5in photo and or private message via Facebook with jpg photo. Please submit mailing and email address with letter. Upon review and initial acceptance applications will be sent to the mailing address provided with accompanying release forms.
    Must be able to pass a criminal background check and be willing and able to travel to Fort Discovery upon request.

    Need additional information contact Jennifer Scott at jen@SSNWHQ.com

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