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These are for sale with prices listed, or I would prefer to trade for # 7, 7 1/2, 8, or 9 lead shot 12 gauge loads for trap shooting. Not picky on the brand since they all seem to break the clay. This stuff has been kept in metal ammo cans in my man cave, and all is in new or great shape. The older ones came from grandpa years ago and have just been hanging around because they are kind of neat boxes. The re-labeled boxes are from multiple years of loading a vest/coat and unloading it without having the original box still available. Some not in the original boxes, but ALL IS FACTORY AMMO. The #4, 5 & 6 are ideal for upland bird hunting.

Want a bargain, save me the headache of dealing with multiple sales and take it all at once.
$90 or bring me 14 boxes of trap loads.

1) One box of 25 rounds, 16 gauge #6 high brass paper shells. $12 or 2 boxes of trap loads.

2) One box of 5 rounds, 12 gauge, 3" 1oz slugs. $10 or 2 boxes of trap loads.

3) Three boxes of 12 gauge, 10 rounds per box, 3 1/2" #4 copper plated lead, Whoop bubblegum Turkey load. $35 or 5 boxes of trap loads.
4) One box of 25 rounds, 12 gauge #6 high brass, heavy waxed/shellac paper shells. $10 or swap for 1 boxes of trap loads.
5) One box of 25 rounds, 12 gauge, #4, misc mostly high brass. $7 or swap for 1 box of trap loads.

6) Two boxes of 25 rounds 12 gauge, #5 high brass. $15 or swap for 2 boxes of trap loads.
7) One box 25 rounds, 12 gauge, completely mixed up shot sizes and some paper and some plastic shells. $6 or trade for 1 box of trap loads.

I found a few more odd balls that I will toss in as a bonus. I will keep the box but you can have these for displaying or cut them open for the shot. Not sure I would fire any of these.


But wait, there's more!

Buy all of the above and I will include this handy dandy carry case that will hold 4 boxes of shells.

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