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    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    I have some stuff for sale: Numbers on picture go with corresponding description/price under picture. All orders will be shipped via USPS w/delivery conformation.


    1: I have 2 of those "tactical rings", they are just top of the wider scope rings with a rail to mount stuff. Asking $4/ea or $7/both shipped.

    2: Promag VFG: Good condition, very solid. $11 shipped.

    3: Unknown brand Carbine length handguards, $10 shipped

    4: KAC Rail Cover (1 full side), $4 shipped

    5: Wooden AK-47 upper handguard. I have trimmed alittle to make it fit with another lower handguard, not real noticeable. Great for spare. $4 shipped.

    6: Blackhawk IWB Holster. Size 3 (fits my FNP-9). $8 shipped.

    7: Yugoslovian SKS Stripper CLip pouch $10 shipped.

    8: Offset light mount $5 shipped

    9: Shotgun Barrel light mount $5 shipped

    10: Unknown Brand AR-15 pistol grip $5 shipped

    11: Tapco Galil AK-47 Style Handguard w/rail piece $12 shipped.
    I accept Discreet paypal (you pay fee or send as "gift") and MO's.

    I will offer discounts on mutiple items purchase. Thanks.
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    Possible interest in Tapco Galil and the shotgun mount. PM sent

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