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Iv got all this Stuff thats just taking up space and I don't want to be collecting more...
The two leather holsters you see one is IWB and one is OWB SOLD.. are for a Sig p239 (both worked with my G27 too)... $20 each
The shoulder holster works with full size Hand guns... $25
AR 15 Mag...$5 - SOLD
Beretta 96G .40 mag.... $10
Flashlight holder For Rail..... $5 SOLD
Nylon holster Size 7...$5 SOLD
mini holster for Sig p238... $10
Muzzle Break off of Del-ton AR15... $5 SOLD
Sig P239 Original Grips ( thats whats in that Houge Box) $5
and Not Pictured.... Standard Pistol grip off my Delton Ar15...$10

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