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    I have a Mini Draco. I am it's first and only owner. It has about 500 rnds through it. Has the wood "hot dog bun" foregrip and is completely stock. Comes with one steel 30 rnd mag. These things are a big tactical advantage. Fits in a hydration pack or a briefcase. This is a great handgun with rifle firepower. 17" OAL. Chrome lined barrel.
    I'm looking for trade offers unless your willing to offer an insane amount of cash. I've seen these get bid up to $1100 recently on gunbroker and it still did not meet the sellers reserve requirements.

    At the moment I have my eyes out for a paratrooper G3 or clone that accepts the alum surplus mags, or an SBR A3 M4.
    Make a trade offer if it's worth our time.

    Send your trade offer to Five Oh Three - Five Eight Six- Eight Nine Five One.

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