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I want to thank everyone from my previous post on what I should do with my 2011 LDS food preps as we prepare to downsize and move to a much smaller location (outside of Portland). I have shared with family and put as much in the new location as possible. What i have left is milk because no one in my family drinks milk any longer I also have assorted MRE's. I don't know how to read the codes to tell you the dates on these but I have been using them over the last 5 years and would eat each one. I also have a 55 gallon blue water barrel with manual pump and two bungs and wrench I have used it as our Portland water back up but will not be needing it any longer. It was purchased new and the only thing it has in it is water.

I am not looking to get rich on this and need it gone quick as we are moving. There maybe some other goodies to sort from as we empty the garage that I will throw in to the first person who can get to our house in Sellwood. I am not interested in breaking things apart or answering questions that will take me more time. Efficiency is needed so I can keep moving forward on our house sale. If no one can get here tonight or in the morning, everything goes on the curb for garbage or giveaway. $100 or equivalent .308 or .45 ammo.

20 Nonfat Dry milk #10 Cans
1 #10 White beans
9 meal packets
Assorted entres, crackers, spices and water
One 55 gallon drum with two bungs, wrench and pump
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I was just researching MREs earlier today, the code indicates the date of production and is YDDD where the day is 1-366 (Jan 1 is 001, December 31 would be 365 or 366 if it's a leap year) and the year is the last digit of the year in which it was produced. They aren't intended to be used after 10 years, which explains the 1 digit year.

For an example, 0013 would mean they were produced on January 13, 2020 and 8215 would be August 3, 2018.

This site also has a conversion tool



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Ok, That was a lesson in MRE's. I will not endanger anyone by offering them. If anyone wants Milk and a water barrel please contact me. It is now free. First person that can respond and be here within two days can have it.

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