Midway has CCI 22lr Stinger ammo in stock

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by Burt Gummer, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Burt Gummer

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  2. Mark W.

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    And now guys will go there and buy everything they have in stock no matter what they can afford. Half of it will go into an ammo box maybe to never see the light of day again the rest will end up on Gun Broker or the Forums with the price jacked up. And the first guy who goes to Midway and its sold out will scream about the government buying up all the ammo and how closing the last lead smelter and such and such is causing the shortage.

    OK I return you to your normal activity.
  3. mortar maggot

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    it is all gone and at .12 cents a round.

    proof you always need to be stocked up.
  4. CHLChris

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    But we can't rail at the ones buying ammo and just storing it up. Eventually that demand will be satiated and we'll get back to normal availability; I have a few boxes that I may not shoot for years to come. I would have bought a brick of this if I'd gotten there soon enough. And I don't need any.

    I'm not down for re-selling, though. Those people just need to stop. Hoarding, though is a different thing and I'm just fine with anybody buying anything they want to possess. Eventually those people will have too much and will stop buying....eventually.

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