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I’ve got a brand spankin’ new stripped MCX Virtus upper in gray that I’d like to trade out for a black or FDE one in new or near-new condition. It just arrived on my door step from Sig this afternoon. Sig’s definition of “stripped” is an upper with dust cover and forward assist, but with no bolt carrier group, barrel, or handguard.

Straight across - FTF, or I’ll pay USPS priority shipping to you and you do the same to me.

Someone out there just buy a new upper kit, but has a grey lower they are wanting to match it with? Here’s your chance! PM me if you’re interested.

D92663EB-9294-42EB-8720-A354FF06DBD4.jpeg 8D7C2BED-23C7-41C7-A512-6CA23D8B142A.jpeg 6361AFE5-D46C-4EE5-9519-146F75AF3593.jpeg 47A8EF56-10A1-4E16-BA8B-C3E01457EC0B.jpeg
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