this started as a M24-48 Mauser off the internet
after inspection, I found it has a replacement barrel from the Yugo refurb that looked like new
the stock is a pristine European Walnut stock
I added a set of Leupold high rings
A Zeiss Conquest scope
Timney trigger
bolt work done by Jim the Boltman in Mass.
barrel floated in stock with cork at the muzzle
Brass stacker cheek rest
with Hornady vintage ammo, she shoots just under MOA

P1030618.JPG P1030624.JPG P1030621.JPG
Very nice work. Those Mausers in 7.92x57㎜ can be fine rifles. Congratz. :)
I feel too many overlook the M24-48 as a fine shooting firearm. No, it has little collectors value, but they are based on the FN M24 Mauser, not the GEW 98. They were made on FN tooling, rebarreled after WW2 and put in storage
I really like the Walnut stock over the German laminated stocks for sporterizng.
and Timney made their reputation with their Mauser triggers, dropped in with no stock modification
as for the Zeiss scope - what more is there to say - classic European hunter - Mauser with a Zeiss with German #4 reticle
most American 8mm Mauser ammo is underpowered, but Norma still makes full power hunting loads in 7.92x57JS

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