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Marline .45ACP Camp Carbine parts gun

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by duartfarquardt, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. duartfarquardt

    duartfarquardt Tigard, OR Active Member

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    SOLD. This carbine was purchased from another member of this site and was represented to be a fully functioning firearm. I acquired it to shoot 3-gun at my club, which required a pistol cartridge rifle. I also acquired four 15-round 1911 magazines for that purpose, and they are offered seperately in Parts and Accessories. After sighting it in at 50 yards I moved to the 100 yard range and hit about 18" at 5 o'clock. Then the carbine would not fire. I took it apart and inspected (and cleaned) it but could not solve the problem. When I took it to my gunsmith, he discovered that it had a bulged barrel and was missing the buffer. It may function now, but it is not safe to shoot. The carbine is complete except for the buffer, and includes a Marlin magazine that will fit a 1911. If one has a Camp Carbine .45 barrel, and could obtain a buffer, it would be a terrific piece. I have none of that, and offer it for $100 OBO. FTF in Portland area, ODL and proof of eligibility to own a firearm required.

  2. solidarnosc

    solidarnosc Portland New Member

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    PM sebt
  3. oldcars

    oldcars North Central Oregon Member

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    I'll take it if it's still available PM sent.
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