Marlin 450 -1895 info and mods

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by ruger338, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. ruger338

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    Just picked up a .450 Marlin 1895 M, JM stamped, ported, like new.
    Looking for info and some help.
    Anyone with experience with these or the similar 45-70. Looking for reloading data and modifications. Scope recommendations etc.
    I would also like to know if I can swap out the stock with the 1893 cowboy gun style, and any options beyond wood?
    Anyone change over to the large loop at home? Also looking for a good source for leather add ons, affordable and possibly blank enough to do some tooling at home. I can find a whole lot that have already had art added.
    I have done plenty of bolt gun mods, but this is the first lever gun I have wanted to modify and upgrade. My primary objective is efficiency, use, and style for hunting Western Oregon and a moose hunt in Canada.

    Marlin 1.JPG
  2. Sabertooth

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    Marlin 45-70. Love it. Going to add a 4x scope, reload data is available on the internet. I may even try reloading using black powder. As to other mods I don't see a reason for any. For leather you could get a saddle scabbard or make your own. Leather is easy to work with if you have the talent. I make my own leather stuff but leave the artsy crafty stuff to others, I suck as a artist.
  3. Salps

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    Put a scope on it and have fun. I used to have one, just watch out for scope biting your head. Very accurate with Hornaday gummies.
  4. longcolt

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    Well hang on tight when you shoot that thing, its not a fun piece to fire. Lock it into your shoulder tight and keep your eye off the scope eyepiece, if you have a scope mounted.

    I find mine very accurate with the hornady leverevolution ammo. I went back to my Rem 30-06 after hurting my shoulder, scratching my car, blowing two holes in my jacket with that damn 450 marlin guide gun.

    The 50 cal I shot last year did not kick nearly as much.

    Poor Moose will not have a chance.

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