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I have for sale one Walnut butt stock for a Marlin 336 rifle.

It is a youth sized stock, and will give a 12 inch length of pull.

It is in just about PERFECT condition. NO damage whatsoever to it.

Also included is a Top Grain Cowhide Leather Sling, WITH the spring loaded attachements. Also in just about perfect condition.

Asking $60.00 FTF, OR $65.00 SHIPPED to you.

FTF would have to be in the Grants Pass area.

Thank you for looking!

Sold to RIX
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Dang!! I wish you woulda posted three years ago before I whacked some slices off the buttstock of the Marlin 336 .35 Rem with my chopsaw to fit my boy...
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I'm brand new to the forum (just signed up a few minutes ago so I could see your pictures) and I'm interested in this for my son. I'm giving him a 1975 336 in 35 Remington for Christmas. He's already shot the gun and doesn't know I bought it for him. He can handle it but at 9 years old, the stock is too long for anything other than shooting from a fixed rest.

What are the rules for a new guy to buy here? I haven't even really looked around yet. I just found this post because someone on another forum gave a heads up in case someone was looking for a youth stock. I signed up here so I could see the pictures and ask about it.

I'd understand if you'd prefer to pass on taking a chance on a new guy but I AM interested. Best way to get a hold of me is my at dbulla2@kc.rr.com if you are interested.


Dave Bulla
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